Mobile is everywhere but web applications are here to stay

With the explosion of mobile applications due to the increased popularity of mobile devices, you may be wondering why would you want to get a web application developed?

There is no denying the fact that applications on mobiles devices will have great reach and a wide audience. Web applications on the other hand also have a great reach and in some cases, greater reach than those developed for mobile devices. I do not want to give the impression that one be better than the other, however, if you are seeking to get an application developed, there are some factors you should consider before undertaking such a venture.

Mobile Applications

  • Small screen sizes limit the available working area without scrolling vertically.
  • Developing mobile for multiple devices (Apple, Android, Blackberry, etc.) may require a different language depending on the device.
  • Applications installed on mobile device may not require an active internet connection to operate.
  • Most likely, the mobile devices will be in the hand or pocket of a person and a computer may not. In other words, the application will easily be at the finger tips of the person.
  • Mobile applications can easily utilize additional input through touchscreen, while a web application on a computer may not without special hardware.


Web Applications

  • May require an active internet connection to access and continue working.
  • Most devices have a web browser, hence, should be able to access the web application.
  • Keeping users updated with the newest version will be easy since the application is centralized.
  • With web applications on a computer, users will enjoy a wide working area.
  • Can also be access by mobile devices.